Falcon Eyes D-S711 RGB 1×1 LED Light Panel, 100W

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  • پشتیبانی عالی ۲۴ ساعته، ۷ روز هفته
  • بازگشت وجه در صورت عدم رضایت
  • اصالت کالاها از برترین برندها
  • تحویل سریع در کمترین زمان ممکن

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Falcon Eyes D-S711 RGB 1×1 LED Light Panel, 100W Overview

Falcon Eyes D-S711 Overview

The D-S711 RGB 1×1 LED Light Panel from Falcon Eyes is a 100 watt LED panel made with a combination of white, tungsten, and RGB bulbs, giving it a range of range of output from tungsten to daylight, with a full range of RGB colors included. By giving the LEDs full hue, saturation, and intensity control, millions of colors are made available for any application.

Adjusting the panel output can be done locally using the LCD screen and controls on the rear of the unit, or emotely using DMX connections. Creativity for video applications can be expanded even further via the pre-programmed effect scenes, which emulate police cars, lightning, candlelight, paparazzi, and more. The classic 1×1 panel design allows it to accept a variety of grids, softboxes, and other available modifiers.

RGB and HSI Control

With a combination of white, tungsten, and RGB LED bulbs, the D-S711 provides not only seamless transitioning from tungsten to daylight, but the HSI control also provides millions of available colors to suit any required application.

۲۰ Preset Scenes

The new DESAL 7-series II system incorporates RGB LED bulbs, making it capable of generating 20 preset scenes such as candle light, TV, lightning effects, and more.