iFootage x2 Motion S1A3 Bundle B2

  • تضمین بهترین قیمت بازار
  • پشتیبانی عالی ۲۴ ساعته، ۷ روز هفته
  • بازگشت وجه در صورت عدم رضایت
  • اصالت کالاها از برترین برندها
  • تحویل سریع در کمترین زمان ممکن

تماس بگیرید!

اسلایدر تایم لپس iFootage x2بگونه ای طراحی شده است که قابل استفاده برای فیلمبرداران و عکاسان حرفه ای که نیاز به ساخت تصاویر خارق العاده بصورت تایم لپس و ساخت تیزر ، ویدیوکلیپ، مستند حیات وحش و یا فیلمبرداری بصورت استوپ موشن می باشد.


از ویژگیهای این سیستم حرکت دقیق و بسیار پایدار میباشد که آن هم به دلیل طراحی موتور مخصوصی هست که برای این سیستم در نظر گرفته شده است همچنین ساختار جمع و جور و خلاقانه این سیستم موتور تایم لپس آنرا بسیار سبک و راه اندازیش در۵ دقیقه بدون استفاده از هیچ گونه ابزار امکانپذیر نموده است

Package Includes:
۱ x Pan & Tilt Head
۱ x 75X50X10
۲ x 1/4” screw
۱ x Plate base
۱ x connection block A
۱ x connection block B
۴ x Club screw
۱ x Power connection wire
۱ x Limited Block
۱ x 3/8” screw
۱ x 1/4”screw
۱ x Power Cable
۱ x Battery
۱ x Charger
۱ x Handcase
۱ x Instruction Manual
۱ x Warranty Card
۱ x Certificate

iFootage Complete S1 Slider Bundle

Wireless Motion Controller S1A3

iFootage Wireless Motion Controller S1A3

Full motion wireless system

By combining Motion X2 and S1A1 mounted on a Shark slider S1, we managed to get a full motion wireless control system. It allows camera movements on two axis: 90° tilt and 360° pan. The system provides steady and automatic movements for time-lapses and shooting while panning as well as panoramas. Its main components are the wireless shutter controller, the electronic motor section, the wireless motorised controller and the Motion X2.

iFootage Wireless Motion Controller S1A3 for Shark

A completely programmable system

Just like S1A1, S1A3 is completely programmable being able to register up to 9 different tracks with pre-recorded movements. The tracks are easily accessible from the data packet and can be reused as needed. With repeated moves at different lengths of time, a wide range of visual effects can also be achieved easily. In addition, the S1A3 offers ‘Manual Mode’ which is perfect for run-and-gun style without losing precision. Its user friendly interface allows you to grab shots on-the-fly with no pre-programmed motion control.

Time lapse and stop motion

iFootage Single Axis’ strength is the time-lapse shoot and 360° panoramas. It controls the time-lapse by the number of stills as well as length of time. It has an Ease In/Out function and a Preview setting which helps users understand the video effect before shooting therefore increasing their success rate. Stop motion is also made easy with the S1A3. All you have to do is set up the number of frames and the time and then simply advance through each position to achieve a flawless end product. Our system perfectly integrates with Autopano, allowing you to create beautiful 360° panoramic images. Also the system allows you to do simple parallax adjustments for various cameras.


۳۶۰° panoramas

Just like you would use the system for time-lapses, you could just as much use it to create beautiful 360° panoramic images, or videos with the ability to shoot in any angle. Autopano software is the perfect companion for a videographer that shoots panoramas.

iFootage Wireless Motion Controller S1A3 360 Panoramas

Built-in quality

The build quality of S1A3 is noticeable improved. It performs flawlessly in extreme environments withstanding even the harshest of conditions. Solid aluminium and quality craftsmanship are trademarks of iFootage products, and this system benefited fully from this. It is solid and sturdy, supporting a maximum load of 8kg. It has a working time of approximately 12 hours in a continuous video shoot or about 16 hours in time-lapse mode.

iFootage Wireless Motion Controller S1A3 Built-in quality